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Mansour Mansour

Wireless Software Solutions/ Mobile Media Services
Date Selected
September 2008

Mansour Mansour is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for mobile wireless technology. The first entrepreneur selected by Endeavor Jordan, Mansour is the Founder and CEO of Javna Wireless Software Solutions, the leading Arab firm in software solutions and wireless applications, and the first company in the region to develop proprietary software for the mobile market. 

Launched in 2001, Javna was the first to develop advanced proprietary mobile software products and solutions in the Middle East, and the first in the region to launch applications such as the mobile stock exchange and mobile yellow pages. Today, more than a decade later, Javna provides wireless applications and software solutions to the MENA region, with offices in Jordan, Qatar, and the USA. Since 2006, Javna has matured its vision to position itself as a regional leader in mobile media and technology as a step towards global leadership by utilizing its technology multi-platform network for delivering targeted advertising, mobile apps and social networking to mobile and Internet users in the Middle East markets. Javna is an innovation house for mobile advertising, apps, social networking, and technology solutions.

Today, Javna continues to explore new technologies to enhance the mobile user experience in the Middle East.

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