Our Entrepreneurs

Firas Al-Otaibi

Animation and Design Services
Date Selected
October 2010

Kharabeesh is a multi-channel network platform that is redefining Arabic storytelling by investing in the new generation of digital talent and technology, and has become one of the largest online Arabic content creators. Combining media, entertainment and technology, it produces innovative original videos, programs, and shows designed for online consumption. Kharabeesh Partners, those who create content hosted on Kharabeesh platforms or co-create content with Kharabeesh, are offered consulting services, analytics reporting, brand management, and monetization opportunities.   

In 2010, Kharabeesh was the first regional channel to utilize social animation, and the first to offer free access to its video and animation productions online. With the tools to create and spread content, Kharabeesh has evolved beyond a website and production company into a community and creative space that empowers Arab creators, talent and innovators around the world.