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Fadi Al-Atrash

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API)
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May 2011

Established in 1989, Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API) was one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the MENA region to pioneer the production of niche branded generics in the therapeutic areas of Ophthalmology, ENT, Respiratory, and Dermatology, and continues to be the leading regional manufacturer today.

Until 2007, API concentrated on the markets for sterile eye drops and ointments. In the decade since, API has expanded into new product lines in Ophthalmology, Nasals, Orals, and Dermatology. API was also the first to introduce nasal metered dose sprays to the local market, and is still one of the few companies manufacturing nasal metered dose sprays in the region today. API’s reach extends far beyond the Middle East, with 29 export markets that include the European Economic Area, Ethiopia, and Azerbaijan and plans to introduce more markets in the coming year.