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Penelope Shihab

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June 2015

Established in 2005, MonoJo is the first biotech center dedicated to researching the Middle East’s massive reservoir of untapped natural resources. MonoJo uses its cutting edge research capabilities to create a variety of products from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals using ingredients such as camel milk, honey, and dates.

In 2014, MonoJo launched Skinue, a line of 11 high-end products that utilize camel milk antibodies to nourish, moisturize, protect skin and control acne breakouts. In the field of R&D, MonoJo offers training in the biotech and medical fields and also offers services ranging from Quality Control services to medical devices file registration in Jordan. In the next two years, R&D efforts will focus on diabetes, oncology, infectious diseases, and gastritis. MonoJo also has plans to commercialize two pipeline products, a camel milk-based gastritis cure and a biosensor used to measure diabetes.


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