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Yousef Wadi

Arabia Weather
Technology- Weather Forecast
Date Selected
June 2015

Founded in 2010, ArabiaWeather is the leading provider of weather products, services, and solutions to consumers and businesses in the MENA region. With a proprietary network of 200+ automated weather stations, regionally adapted algorithms, and an in-house developed data management system, ArabiaWeather is able to generate hyper-local forecasts, accurate to 500m, and predict region-specific weather patterns such as sandstorms.   

ArabiaWeather’s expertise is in high demand, with their ability to provide forecasts that are more accurate and precise than those offered by local stations and international weather services. Alongside a website, mobile app, and social media channels that deliver forecasts in Arabic and English, ArabiaWeather also offers a full suite of services for TV stations, from data models to presenter training. Since 2014, ArabiaWeather has also tapped into 12 industries such as aviation, oil & gas, and offshore industries by developing decision-support solutions and customizable industry-specific software.

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