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Amin Amin

ASK for Human Capacity Building
Business/Professional Services
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October 2009

When Dr. Amin Amin realized that the biggest challenge in the Arab region is human capacity building, he decided to focus on bridging the missing link between education and employment. Since 2011, his company ASK has provided innovative human capacity building solutions in MENA, with the goal of creating a highly competent and qualified workforce able to compete in today’s knowledge-based economy. The company works primarily with Arab government education ministries and education-focused NGOs, delivering capacity-building solutions to bridge the gap between the skills provided by the world of education, and those required by the world of employment. With a guiding belief that investment in education results in individuals that are self-learners, critical thinkers, decision makers, productive, and proactive citizens, ASK works on reforming basic education by providing professional development programs, in addition to consulting services, for educators and schools. ASK also focuses on empowering educators, entrepreneurs, women, and youth by encouraging civic participation.  

Along with tailored, bilingual, region-specific programming, ASK offers monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the impact and effectiveness of projects. Today, in addition to the Jordan headquarters, ASK has offices in UAE and Qatar serving the GCC markets, and is working on expanding its human capital development programming to target a wider range of industries such as healthcare.

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