What is Endeavor?

Endeavor is a global nonprofit organization pioneering a new model for international economic development by screening, stimulating, and supporting high-impact entrepreneurship around the world. Headquartered in the USA, Endeavor has expanded into 19 countries since its establishment in 1997. Endeavor launched operations in Jordan in 2009.

Why Endeavor?

Endeavor aims to become the leading supporter of high-impact entrepreneurship in Jordan. The success of the Endeavor model is clearly demonstrated by our impact metrics. Opportunities through Endeavor’s network allow entrepreneurs to experience both personal and financial growth.  

What kind of entrepreneurs is Endeavor looking for?

Endeavor is looking for High-Impact Entrepreneurs who are innovative risk-takers and have scalable and high-impact business concepts. More than half of Endeavor Entrepreneurs have launched new industries in their respective economies. The Search & Selection process is not sector specific. Please refer to the Search & Selection Criteria for more details

How can Endeavor help me?

If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative, high-growth company, and have a sustainable commitment to making a real difference in Jordan, Endeavor can help you to accelerate the growth of your business. Learn more about the array of customized services that the Endeavor network offers in our Entrepreneur Services section.

Can Endeavor provide financial assistance?

Endeavor does not provide direct financial assistance to its entrepreneurs. Instead, Endeavor provides access to funding through its vast network of private equity and venture capital firms and Investor Network. Furthermore, as an Endeavor Entrepreneur you will gain access to Endeavor's global network of institutions, business leaders, investors, financial experts, and advisors.

How do I become an Endeavor Entrepreneur?

Endeavor uses a rigorous multi-step Search & Selection process to select Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are often approached directly by the local team team or nominated by a network member or institution. Entrepreneurs who meet Endeavor’s selection criteria are encouraged to nominate themselves by filling out and submitting the Apply Now form. This nomination begins the Search & Selection process for the entrepreneur.

What happens to entrepreneurs who participate in the selection process, but are not selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs?

The Endeavor Search & Selection process adds value to each entrepreneur and his/her business at every stage of the process. Prominent business leaders and experts provide in-depth assessments of each enterprise and individual feedback to each candidate throughout the process. Therefore, entrepreneurs  gain valuable insights and connections, even if they are not selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs. In many cases, entrepreneurs are encouraged to re-enter the process after strengthening their business operations and incorporating feedback from Endeavor network members.

Where does Endeavor get its funding?

Endeavor is a non-profit organization and sustains its operations with support from institutional and individual donors. Endeavor receives funding from:
• Board Members, individuals and corporates
• Endeavor Entrepreneurs participate in a formal Give-Back program in which they donate a fixed fee annually

I am a business professional and would like to volunteer my expertise for Endeavor. How do I get involved?

Endeavor relies on a network of business leaders, industry experts, leading executives, academics, and entrepreneurs who often mentor and advise the entrepreneurs and assist in Search & Selection. If you would like to support Endeavor please join our growing Mentor Network; email us at info.jordan@endeavor.org