Why Culture Matters

Why Culture Matters

Culture is critical to organizational success. Organizations must give careful consideration to their core values and ensure these values are reflected in everything they do. Panelists will share ideas on what makes their workplace unique and how they attract and retain talent, they will also explore the implications of culture, why culture should be shaped, how it is shaped, who owns and leads the culture and how to measure culture.


Jumana Twal
CEO & Founder, Bidaya Corporate Communications

As the founding CEO of Bidaya Corporate Communications, Jumana Twal draws on over 23 years of experience to offer local, regional and international markets quality corporate communications insights. Since establishing Bidaya in 2004, she has been diligently working towards elevating the PR industry’s standards in Jordan and the region. In 2006, Twal set Bidaya as the first full Jordanian member of the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA), and in 2008 joined the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). More recently, Twal positioned Bidaya as the exclusive Levant PR partner of Edelman, the world's largest public relations firm, and as the strategic partner to New York-based The Brandman Agency, an international communications agency for luxury travel and lifestyle brands. Having established Bidaya offices in Qatar, Doha, in 2014, Twal continues to explore various GCC markets for future expansion.

Twal is a mentor at Endeavor Jordan, Oasis500 and INJAZ; a Fellow of Aspen Institute’s Middle East Leadership Initiative (MELI) and of the Vital Voices GROW Fellowship Program (VV GROW); a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and the Jordan Strategy Forum; and was acknowledged as an Industry Expert and selected as a Judge by the globally-acclaimed PR World Awards in 2013. As a well-recognized specialist in her field, Twal is a regular speaker at leading industry conferences in the Middle East and often writes engaging articles on industry-related issues and developments in prominent local newspapers and publications.

Majda Al Labadi
Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Majda has held a variety of roles including Purchasing Manager at Hikma Pharmaceuticals Limited, Strategy Manager at Hikma Investment, General Manager at Hikma Farmaceutica and from 2007 Vice President of Injectables. In February 2009, Majda assumed her current position as Corporate Vice President of Human Resources. She has been responsible for establishing a central HR function and implementing and consolidating a number of group wide HR initiatives including Hikma’s compensation structure and performance evaluation process.

Majda has completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at INSEAD, holds a BA from the American University of Beirut and Masters degree from Hochschule Fur Okonomie in Berlin, Germany.

 Tarek Zuriekat
CEO, Engicon

Tarek Zuriekat is the CEO of Engicon, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering firm in the region. Established as a family business in 1988, the company has now grown to 450 employees with 60 of them owning shares in the company. Engicon’s fields of expertise includes master planning, architecture, water, environment, infrastructure and transportation. The company is based in Jordan, and has operating branches in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Washington DC.

Amjad Aryan
President & Founder, Pharmacy 1

Dr. Amjad Aryan is the founder of Pharmacy1; the first and leading chain pharmacy in Jordan. Since July, 2001 Dr. Aryan has managed to establish more than hundred branches distributed in three countries in the region, of which 60 are located in Jordan. Dr. Aryan started his inspiring path by obtaining a Pharmacy degree from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston, USA and holding the American Board of Pharmacy from both Massachusetts and Florida; in addition to a degree from Harvard Kennedy School of Government executive education in Middle East studies; followed by working at the largest Pharmacy Chain in the United States making Retail Pharmacy Management his area of specialization.

Moreover, Dr. Aryan is the winner of the “Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” for the year 2010 representing Jordan in Monte Carlo based Ernest & Young Global Entrepreneur Award for the year 2011. He has been also named the “Endeavour Entrepreneur of the Year” for the year 2009. He participated in climbing the summit of Everest from the lowest point to the highest spot in the world in 2013; also he went to the North Pole 2015.

Today Dr. Aryan is a well established figure in the health care and business sector, serving on various active boards including; INJAZ, Health Care Accreditation, Council, Jordanian Economic Social Council, Electronic Health Solution International,Endeavor Jordan, Jiwar Hyper Market, Mu’tah University– Al Karak, and Ethmar Islamic Company.


Abeer Qumsieh
CEO, Better Business

Mrs. Qumsieh started Better Business end of 2002, a B2B business model specialized in Building Service Cultures. Mrs. Qumsieh’s main fields of expertise include Organizational Development, Educational Development, Service Culture Development, Organizational Mindset, and others. She has consulted hundreds of Organizations and trained thousands of people around the Middle East & GCC. A business woman who believes in social responsibility, Mrs. Qumsieh is actively involved in multitudes of voluntary work. She is highly articulate, confident and a persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance. She is also an experienced and innovative general manager with sophisticated leadership, emotional intelligence and business administration skills. She serves on multitudes on Boards nationally and internationally. She is also a sought out speaker on the international level.

In April 2013 along with 20 prominent CEO' Mrs. Qumsieh Climbed Everest Base Camp to raise fund to expand King Hussein Cancer Centre in Jordan.

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