• Catalyzing Conversations with Michael Wakileh

    On 9 September 2018, we organized an insightful evening with one exceptional entrepreneur; our Board Member Michael Wakileh, CEO and Co-Founder of ProgressSoft Corporation, moderated by our other Board Member Maher Kaddoura. Michael shared his most inspirational entrepreneurial journey and how he remained focused on the company goals throughout the years to become a global software development company for imaging technology and real-time payments solutions.

  • Scaling Up Jordan

    Endeavor Jordan and Strategy& Middle East (formerly Booz & Company), part of the PwC network held a joint event on Sunday, July 8
    th, 2018, on the problems of scaling up small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. There was a specific focus on Jordan, with discussion about how to build a supportive entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem. 

  • Jordan Business Migration

    In a recent survey we conducted at Endeavor Jordan, we asked entrepreneurs the following question: 'If you were starting your business over again, would you set it up in Jordan?' 60%of respondents said they would not.

    One of the major challenges we face at Endeavor Jordan is our pipeline: finding companies that meet the Endeavor selection criteria. Endeavor looks for high-impact entrepreneurs who lead high-growth, innovative businesses that can create material wealth and employment in Jordan. We find, quite often, that the founders of such companies are either in the process of relocating from Jordan, or have already relocated to markets that are more favorable for their business.

    This survey aims to shed light on this topic and help drive a dialogue between the public and private sector to address the  challenges.

    للعربية اضغط هنا 

  • DealMakers 2016 Panel Discussion

    Day 2 of DealMakers 2016: Sharing their fundraising stories, war wounds and lessons learned are Ala' Alsallal of Jamalon, Hussam Hammo of Tamatem, Khalil Shadid of ReserveOut, and Mohammed Shaker of ArabiaWeather, in a discussion panel moderated by Laith Zureikat of Arzan Capital.

  • 2016 Year End Video

    On December 13th, 2016, Endeavor Jordan celebrated its network of high-impact entrepreneurs, mentors, board members and friends. 

    This year's video was a special tribute from Endeavor's high-impact entrepreneurs to our outgoing Chairman Ali Al Husry.



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