Nadine Odat

Nadine Odat has joined Endeavor Jordan's team in May of 2016 as the Marketing and Communications Manager. She is responsible for setting the department's strategy with activities that would raise the profile of Endeavor Jordan to attract high-impact entrepreneurs to join the network, while building on the organization's relationships with its stakeholders, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, private sector, and the general public through different channels and outreach activities. 

Before joining Endeavor, Nadine held the position of Communications Officer at the Jordan Media Institute where she fully managed all its events, social media accounts, in addition to bilingual media coverage.

The majority of Nadine's experience was accumulated during her 10 years as Head of Communications at King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and its commercial and investment arm KADDB Investment Group (KIG). During her tenure, Nadine set the Group's policies and procedures, relating to Branding and Corporate Identity management, Events participation, and Media relations, in addition to Corporate Social Responsibility, which was launched by her to structure previous philanthropic donations.

Nadine's career path started in 2002 at TeleMax Productions, a local radio and TV production company.

Nadine Odat is a Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP) and has a bachelor degree in Mass Communications / Radio and TV production from Yarmouk University with a minor in English literature.

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