Mr. Fouad Rihani is a well-rounded business professional with over 35 years of experience in the sectors of engineering, trade and industry. During his career he generated business of over 2.0 billion US dollars.

Earning a civil engineering degree (class of ’82) from Oklahoma State University and an MBA (class of ’84) from Golden Gate University enabled Mr. Rihani to be an analytical thinker with a structured and systematic decision making abilities.

Mr. Rihani started his business career as co-founder of ‘Building services Company LLC’ a company specialized in the fields of building contracting, trading of construction building products, manufacturing of building materials and  most importantly providing engineering solutions to owners, architects and engineers.

The prime duties and responsibilities, as an Executive Manager, were to maximize return on investment by properly understanding the market dynamics including: understanding of competition, market requirements, and positioning of products by knowing the market value and hence the market share.

An adept manager in the fields of cost control, business development and budgeting, Mr. Rihani later became the General Manager of ‘Union Chemicals and Vegetables Oil industries PSC’; an industrial complex that included a paint factory, an alkyd resin factory and an edible oil factory. This entailed working under license with foreign companies to be able to elevate the technical and managerial skills by manufacturing goods that conform to international specifications and enhance the total quality management skills in order to manage the business according to the norms of industry standards.

International business & trade hit its peak in the field of commodities. As a Commercial Director of a JV between ‘Life Food Trading-Jordan’ and ‘Seament-Lebanon’ required painstaking efforts in product and market development both regionally and in Europe that necessitated knowledge of country regulations.

Execution of multi-million dollar deals required focus on contract administration, financing the operation (D/E), and understanding letters of credits and Incoterms with different shipping strategies.

This highly competitive field required designing feasible business plans that rendered a successful operation keeping in mind the international arbitration bodies (i.e. Gafta) that supervised the different contracts.

In the past several years Mr. Rihani worked with leading automotive spare parts companies in both UAE and Jordan in his capacity as General Manager and Group Director of Business Development.

His tenure at ‘Nicola Abu Khader & Sons Co.’ and ‘Autoexcellence for Service and Parts Co.’ was the helm of his business career. This experience has refined his managerial skills.

The duties involved strategic planning, utilization and deployment of available resources, working capital management, proper distribution channels and most importantly ascertaining that the vision and mission is aligned with proper operational policies and procedures led by well trained staff.

Currently Mr. Rihani is working as a freelance Business Consultant.

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