Imad Malhas co-founded irisguard in 2001, the world’s leading supplier of novel end-to-end iris recognition biometric technology that authenticates identity for payments and large-scale humanitarian deployments. irisguard UK Ltd has its headquarters and manufacturing base in Milton Keynes, UK and a regional office in Amman, Jordan.  He serves the organisation as both its CEO and Chief Technology Officer.

Imad pioneered the concept of using Iris recognition to secure mass-transit national borders and the large scale cross-country registration of millions of UNHCR refugees in the Middle East.  In 2008, he led irisguard's deployment of the world’s first iris-enabled ATM machines, which to date have processed over half a billion dollars in cash.  In 2013, Imad spearheaded the development of the irisguard EyePay® platform, the world's first and only iris-enabled retail POS that is currently used by the UN's World Food Programme in a number of supermarkets in refugee camps across Jordan, providing the vulnerable and unbanked with the dignified financial inclusion they are in most need of.

With the mission of empowering financial inclusion in the blink of an eye, Imad is currently involved in the development of irisguard's first mobile platform and Android application.

Imad is the co-inventor on many international patents, an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2009 and was recently awarded personally in 2018 with a CEO Today Europe Award.

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