Laith is an established leader with over 25 years of business and development experience in Jordan. His professional experience is broad, varied and multi-disciplinary integrating technology, innovation and economic development. Over the years, Laith has indentified, invested in and was involved in 19 start-up companies, several of which have become paragons of success in the Jordanian technology environment.

In 2000 and 2004 Laith led Jordan’s first national private sector led business development initiative (Jordan Vision 2020 – JV 2020 versions 1.0 and 2.0), in cooperation with USAID. He is a member of the Jordan Economic and Social Council and has led and participated in several Jordanian national economic development initiatives such as the Jordan Vision 2020, the National Agenda and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Moreover, he is a board member of several national associations and NGOs which address gaps in the economic and social environment. These associations include the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA), Center for the Study of the Built Environment, Partners Jordan for Democratic Change, International Amman Academy, the Institute of Management Consultants, Al-Aman Fund for Orphans and Tkiyet Um Ali.


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