Khaled Irani is the founder and CEO of E2E, a holding company focusing on providing environmental and clean energy solutions to the Middle East. He lead and completed the first acquisition of an energy efficiency company specializing in building management systems integration and building automation. He also conducts various consultancy activities within the energy, water and environment fields.

With more than a decade and a half serving in public positions, Mr. Irani has overseen advancements in both government policy and public opinion regarding energy efficiency and the value of Jordan's ecology. He has shown us the value of our natural resources as an environmental treasure and a source of revenue, and the importance of keeping these two views in balance.

In his role as Director General of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), Mr. Irani began to see the ties between the economy and the environment. As Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources and Minister of Environment, Mr. Irani led the way in introducing and reforming legislation directly aimed at addressing Jordan's energy and environmental challenges. Through the adoption of policies and the introduction of legislation, along with the creation of committees to ensure these become reality and remain enforced, Mr. Irani brought Jordan into a new age of efficiency and environmental concern for the precious resources of our region.

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