Michael Wakileh

Recognized as the patriot of real-time payments, Michael Wakileh is the CEO and Co-founder of ProgressSoft Corporation which has been in existence since 1989. A visionary with specific expertise within the financial and banking solutions industries, Mr. Wakileh’s long-standing career focus remains positioning ProgressSoft as a world leader in the development of real-time payment solutions.

He represented Jordan and has addressed several workshops around the globe in the fields of mobile payments, electronic check clearing, and real-time payments.

As ProgressSoft's CEO, Mr. Wakileh leads the efforts of ProgressSoft’s worldwide presence to the public,
ultimately resulting in migrating numerous financial institutions to new business paradigms. He assumed a predominant role behind ProgressSoft's success in becoming the first provider of the region’s real-time
payment systems.

Combined with his futuristic vision, Mr. Wakileh directed his detail-orientation and passion for perfection toward building ProgressSoft’s unique brand, building an undisputed image for the company among its peers, while catering for the same level of perfection towards ProgressSoft’s employees and work environment.

Mr. Wakileh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan.

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